ponedeljek, 14. november 2016

Korenčkov palček / Carrotdwarf

I was illustrating a story by an excellent slovenian author Svetlana Makarovič over the summer. It's been a great honour and a big challenge as well because I like her work so much and it is kinda canonical part of slovenian children's literature.

I had to make a whole little flat garden - study and draw all those numerous plants for the first time (and I really love floral motifs, just wasn't too skilled at it before so this was also a good excerise). Neighbours saw me crouching in their gardens in most funny positions while i was photoshooting the greens from dwarf's eye view:) I totally enjoyed doing the interior design of forest dwarf's home:) and it's been a good practice in painting with acrylic inks.

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